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2 days ago
How about a little "Girls and Guitars"? - Track #5 on Straight Fire - Give a listen and a share. https://t.co/7vWt28lK3x
3 days ago
Just need a moment to thank my sponsors!! Amazing support! Contact us to become/recommend a sponsor. https://t.co/O2JE4X0jj8
5 days ago
Does anyone like a good drinking song? We all do. There aren't enough of them. "Uno Mas" is here. Check it out. Track #7 from Straight Fire now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, everywhere.... https://t.co/iIWedgfi2e
6 days ago
"Sometimes a Man Don't Want To"
Here's a live clip of one of our songs from the album Messin' Around. https://t.co/kJEblfE7sM