A lake, a bonfire, a rowdy bunch of friends, and a guitar… A great start to summarizing the vibe of Simon Balkey’s music. His songs describe the good times and great memories made in the life of every fun loving American. Simon’s lyrics and melodies are modern and fresh yet still pay tribute to the roots of traditional country music by riding the line between today’s driving sound and yesterday’s laid-back feel… A “modern honky tonk” if you will. Live or recorded, there is no doubt that you are listening to a country song, but make no mistake, Simon Balkey’s music offers something for everyone. Simon and his band, which he calls his “Honky Tonk Crew” radiate energy from start to finish of every live show.

 Simon is quickly carving his spot in the country music scene with the release of his first album “Shot of Life” and is currently working on the highly anticipated follow up album. Songs such as “Around That Cooler” and “Leaving You for Jack” have found their way to radio and are quickly becoming party anthems for the masses. All around, album or live show, this artist is about great times, through-and-through!